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Curiosity and games

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I always say that travel is the truest measure of success. Curiosity leads us to the far reaches of our minds and the world to gain a new vantage point. Crux Club knows that the edges of our known world must be explored as they expand.

Locative games motivate us to earn this new point of view and show us this realm of understanding and knowledge that stays with us after we return to our daily life.

We now crave these experiences over “stuff” and authenticity over mainstream commercialism. A desire burns within to get out and experience the world through a different lens. We can escape to places we have been before, this time with a whole new ludic mindset.

The instinct to explore is within us all. Do not ignore it. The puzzles add unexpected surprises to ordinary outings. Spring is coming. Watch for the 2020 releases on this website. Be curious and think outside the room!


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