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They’ve been watching.


It’s 2018. UFO sightings have begun again in New York State’s Hudson Valley, just like in the 1980s when people parked on the side of the road to catch a glimpse of the phenomena. 


The government has since released videos of UFOs, no longer able to keep their existence under wraps.


Your astronomist friend, Dominick, is part of this reawakened Skywatcher trend. He’s been following the craft in his RV. One night, you receive a frantic call from him.


He followed a UFO to the mountain town of Summit, NY. The craft frequented the field where he parked his RV—but he might be in danger from a more human threat: men in black suits have been tracking the activity as well.


After two days of unsuccessfully contacting Dominick, you and your friends head up to Summit, NY, to look for him. . .

Skywatcher is an immersive puzzle adventure in Summit, NY. You and your team of up to 4 players will investigate Dominick’s RV and the surrounding area to determine what happened to him. Dress for the weather and wear hiking footwear.


Location: Summit, NY

Team size: 2-4 players

Game length: About 2 hours

Price: $35 per player or $120 for a team of 4


Foothills Adventure Package deals:

*Skywatcher + The Catskills Killer: $60 per person

Skywatcher or The Catskills Killer + **RV overnight stay: $80 per person

*Skywatcher + The Catskills Killer + **RV overnight stay: $105 per person


*10a-12p start time with a 2hr break in between games.

**Overnight stay is limited to 1-3 people.

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