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the greatest beer ever stolen

Puzzle #15

I once shoved my recipes through one of these so no one would know where they were hidden except for me. Then I died. So no one ever found them! It was right under my competition's nose, just like the answers to these multiple-choice questions!


Which of these was NOT a code word for alcohol during prohibition?

K. Tarantula Juice

B. Dolphy Vomit

S. Coffin Varnish

R. Panther Sweat


What is the current height of the bridge in the photo on the wall in the North-pointing corner of the taproom?

Q. 12’-5”

U. 10’-9”

S. 11’-3”

T. 10’


Beer is called this before the fermentation process

E. Wampum

Y. Trub

I. Sorghum

N. Wort


Which prohibition cop was called the Nemesis of Syracuse?

G. Charles Kress

L. Lowell Smith

U. John Miles

E. Chester Scrooge 


What does it mean to “quaff”?

J. To request beer for breakfast

O. To pass beer-induced gas

H. To drink deeply

Q. To spit a distasteful beer out


Reinheitsgebot is what?

O. The German Purity law passed in 1516

W. When you and your friends think you know more than the government

R. Taking pleasure in someone else’s pain

E. Deep affection for a man with horns


A beer of lighter body and alcohol of which one might expect to drink more than one serving in a sitting.

E. Lager

L. Session Beer

C. Ale

A. Goat urine


Can you guess the answer to this last question?

H. Maybe

J. No

Z. So

E. Yes

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