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The book


     Search for a legendary cache of riches in the new puzzle book adventure, Mob Treasure! The book features over 75 unique puzzles packed with enigmatic illustrations. The 15 chapters each culminate in a meta puzzle. From beginner to expert, there’s challenges for every solver within the logic, visual, spatial and word puzzles.

   This book is inspired by the true story of a missing treasure hidden by New York City beer baron Dutch Schultz. On his deathbed in 1935, the infamous mobster rambled on incoherently for hours, possibly revealing the location of his millions. This scenario has captivated those who heard the tale and even inspired William S. Burroughs to write a screenplay titled “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz”. Mob Treasure may also lead you to the cache - if you can crack the puzzles. Infiltrate secret locations to find the lost journal of a treasure hunter and embark on a quest to find heaps of hidden cash!

Page count: 157

Price: 15.99 on Amazon, 14.99 on Kickstarter

The Creator

     Mob Treasure was created by designer Jan Van Damme. Since childhood, he’s been drawing maps, comics and DIY game boards. He made the move from rural upstate NY to New York City to work in film, TV and fashion. His interest in alternate reality games, escape rooms and immersive experiences led to creating experimental location based games for clients and his own company, Crux Club. 


Jan Van Damme


Instagram: @cruxclubhq

Twitter: @CruxClubHQ

Promotional Info

     Funding to complete Mob Treasure will be raised via a Kickstarter campaign. Links and dates coming soon.

Here’s what players have been saying:


“The puzzle book bar has been raised”

"I felt well travelled after finishing"

"The real treasure is the puzzles"

”Like playing over a dozen escape rooms”

“As thrilling as pulling off a heist!”

“Cleverly crafted fun”

Article and social post ideas:

"New puzzle book revisits old treasure hunt"

"Treasure Hunt Fever In Puzzle Book Form"

"This treasure has been lost for 86 years. Can a puzzle book shed light on its location?"

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