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the greatest beer ever stolen

Puzzle #10

Here, in the place where salt was king, liquid gold flowed despite the law. Many patrons come for the beer and to enjoy a Wienerwurst with each drink. But soon after this photo was taken, there was a murder by poisoning at K of L. Consider the facts:


•The murderer wears a hat.

•The poisoned object was the first of two products sold at this store.

•Ed is in front of a pile of objects.

•Don has a light-colored hat.
•The murderer's brother was killed by the murder victim 

•Joe has a beard.

•Tommy is against the building near the pile of objects

•The clean-shaven murderer is standing at least 20 feet away from the place of the crime.


Enter three words into the solution field, separated by a space:​

1. Name of the murderer

2. The murder weapon

3. Motive

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