Your Mission awaits

What is a puzzle hunt?

Crux Club experiences include immersive outdoor experiences and standalone puzzle books. Like an escape room game, you and your team will become the driving force behind the narrative. 

Who are the missions for?

People who like to solve puzzles and be the main character of an intriguing adventure story.


Will I be locked in a room?

No. Missions are similar to an escape room, but take place outdoors. The goal is to accomplish something in the world, not get out of a room. 


What is the Crux Club?

We are an ancient organization that seeks out and investigates the great mysteries of our world. These investigations are performed by teams of Crux Club Members like you!

Our experience designers create meaningful interactions that enrich the world around us. We are purveyors of intelligent entertainment, social engineers and inventors of trailblazing location based gaming.

Our surroundings become connected to players in valuable new ways. Through meaningful interactions, we may reach a new level of human understanding. Moving beyond passive entertainment, we encourage players to think, feel and act in new ways. We believe pervasive games give a sense of purpose that could lead to societal change through transformative experiences.

Simply put, we make the real world more fun.


Think outside the room.