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The Legend
Wharton Hollow

The Game

The Legend of Wharton Hollow is a light puzzle hunt for all ages played outside on the grounds of Camp Crux Club in Summit, NY. Teams of 1-3 people will embark on an adventure that may take up to two hours. Dress for the weather and wear footwear for uneven and possibly muddy terrain. Not wheelchair accessible. 


The Legend

The five kingdoms of Wharton Hollow speak of a cataclysmic legend.


Every thousand years, an event called The Webbing casts a strange pentagon shaped shadow over the world. Alltstray, the mysterious being residing within the web, will make groups of creatures that do not exhibit The Collective Aura disappear by nightfall.


A prophecy states that if the five kingdoms unite, they will create The Collective Aura and be protected against The Webbing. However, the kingdoms are currently bickering and disagreeing with each other. 


You and your friends are traveling through Wharton Hollow when The Webbing commenced. It’s up to you to solve each Kingdom's puzzles and convince them to work together—or perish at the hands of Allstray. 


The fate of Wharton Hollow rests in your hands.



The game is free to play with your overnight booking at Camp Crux Club, or only $39.99 for your entire team of up to 3 people. Daily time slots are available at 11am and 1pm. To reserve your slot, send the date and time requested to

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