Game length: 2-3 hours

Area: East Village, NYC

Distance: 1.5 miles

Team Size: 2-3 players

A Legendary Lost Treasure

Dutch Schultz stashed millions before he was murdered by fellow mobsters in 1932. Your team will visit actual sites of mobster activity in the East Village of New York City during a hunt for the treasure.

A journal from the late treasure hunter James Sherry has been found hidden in Manhattan’s East Village. It contains a missing transcript of Schultz’s deathbed ramblings, cryptic puzzle objects stolen from mafia families and a treasure map drawn by the Dutchman himself! His incoherent ramblings are believed to contain the coded whereabouts of his buried millions.


Your team will crack the codes of the journal on a treasure hunt that includes a full gangster walking tour.

How it works

Order a journal, download the app and register the device you will use for the hunt. You'll solve a puzzle to figure out where to start in Manhattan. Begin on a dry day between 10a-2p. Use the app and the journal to solve puzzles and figure out where to go next. There is no time limit. The app has a hint system.  Journal price is for your entire team.

Hunt for the hidden hoardings of a notorious gangster by solving puzzles in the journal of a treasure hunter.


Experience: Puzzle Book

Location: Anywhere

Grandmaster Simon Hayes is being held hostage by monks called the Sanctus Custos. Simon left puzzles to teach your team how to stop to the city from being destroyed. Solve the mystery of the obelisks to use the power within you to before it’s too late.


Experience: App guided historical puzzle adventure

Location: Greenwich Village, NYC

Team Size: 1-3 people


Duration: 2-3 hours

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Visit actual locations of gangster activity from New York City's gritty past. Get a full tours worth of stories while solving puzzles.


Experience: App guided puzzle walking tour

Location: East Village, NYC

Team Size: 1-3 people


Duration: 2-3 hours

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