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It's 1986. Visions of a blood-soaked campsite deep in the woods of S’cary County have been haunting you nightly. As a detective with special psychic abilities, you have a hunch that the campsite is connected to a recent case of a missing person. With feverishly scribbled notes in your hand, you head into the wilderness to investigate the crime scene clues from your dreams.

Can you stay alive long enough to solve the crime?


"Be ready for adventure! What a great experience!"

-Rob Jenning from the CodeBar Podcast



Location: Summit, NY

Team size: 1-4 players

Game length: 1.5-2 hours

The Catskills Killer is an outdoor horror-themed game. It is not a haunted trail with jump scares. Your team will solve puzzles across an immersive, 5-acre open-world environment. There is a camp restroom available at all times. The dirt terrain consists of muddy areas, narrow bridges, and steep inclines. Hiking boots or appropriate footwear are strongly advised. Dress for the weather.

"I've been to countless escape rooms, all over the country, and was looking for something a bit more "expansive" and different than the usual. Well, this was it!"

-Keith, Player

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