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They’ve been watching.


It’s 1987. UFO sightings have been mystifying thousands of eyewitnesses in New York State’s Hudson Valley. Hovering triangular and disc-shaped craft have been stopping traffic and terrifying locals.


Your astronomist friend, Dominick, is seeking the truth about what these objects are. He’s been following the phenomena in his RV. One night, you receive a frantic call from him.


He says he followed a UFO from Pine Bush to Summit, and he’s been having sightings from where he parked his RV—but he might be in danger.


After two days of unsuccessfully contacting Dominick, you and your friends head up to Summit, NY, to look for him. . .


Skywatcher is an immersive puzzle adventure in Summit, NY. You and your team of up to 4 players will investigate Dominick’s RV and the surrounding area to determine what happened to him. Dress for the weather and wear hiking footwear while walking around outdoor terrain.


Location: Summit, NY

Team size: 1-4 players

Game length: About 2 hours

Price: $80 for your entire team

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