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Join above for launch information. 


Project Starprize puzzle book packed with:

•Extraterrestrial puzzle cards needed for the

location based adventure

•Several chapters containing  dozens of mind-bending puzzles 

•Complete transcripts of the secret Project Starprize program

•The truth and untruth of historical Ufology

•Secrets of extraterrestrials including telepathy, intergalactic travel and biology

•Much more


Project Starprize is both a standalone puzzle book playable from anywhere and a puzzle adventure that takes place in real world locations and utilizes augmented reality, GPS and puzzle cards. You can play one or the other independently, or both together. They are sold seperately. 

Puzzle Book

Several chapters filled with dozens of puzzles and UFO disclosure information. Use a website to enter solutions and get hints. Play from anywhere, anytime.

Location Based Game

Team Size: 1-3

Length: 3-5 hours

What you need: car, app, printed cards or the Project Starprize puzzle book, pencil

Your team will use the app to guide you from location to location in one of the available areas. You may be driving and average of 5-10 minutes in between locations. You will investigate the areas to discover augmented reality phenomena and solve challenging puzzles to progress. 

You are responsible for your own safety. Start before noon on a dry day.


•Where does the game take place? You can play in Pine Bush NY, Salem MA, Boulder CO and Crystal Cove, CA

•What devices are compatible? iOS or Android phones and tablets that support AR can be used, but if you are using Android you should search the AR Core list here to make sure your device will work.

•How do I translate the extraterrestrial glyphs? Translate them whenever you can during your mission. There are essential clues on this site as well, such as the following reveal:

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