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    Crux Club is based out of New York City, USA


    © 2020 Crux Club, LLC

    The mass sightings have begun again.

    Full disclosure arriving this May. 

    Areas of invasion:

    Pine Bush, NY

    Salem, MA

    Boulder, CO

    Crystal Cove, CA

    Special edition book packed with:

    •All required extraterrestrial puzzle cards

    •Dozens of additional mind-bending puzzles 

    •Complete transcripts of the secret Project Starprize program

    •The truth and untruth of historical Ufology

    •Secrets of extraterrestrials including telepathy, intergalactic travel and biology

    •Much more

    Team Size: 1-3

    Length: 3-5 hours

    What you need: car, app, printed cards or special edition book, pencil


    Your team will use the app to guide you from location to location in one of the available areas. You may be driving and average of 5-10 minutes in between locations. You will investigate the areas to discover augmented reality phenomena and solve challenging puzzles to progress. 

    You are responsible for your own safety. Start before noon on a dry day.


    •What devices are compatible? iOS or Android phones and tablets that support AR can be used, but if you are using Android you should search the AR Core list here to make sure your device will work.