Experience length: About 2.5 hours

Area: Greenwich Village, NYC

Distance: 1.5 miles

Team size: 2-3 players

You will carry: A backpack of evidence.


Grandmaster Simon Hayes is being held hostage by monks called the Sanctus Custos. Simon left behind five boxes of puzzles to teach your team how to stop to the city from being destroyed. Solve the mystery of the obelisks placed across Manhattan. Use the power within you to before it’s too late.


Oddfellow's Secret is a street adventure game where your team of 2-3 people will have 2.5 hours to walk around the the West Village of New York City solving challenging puzzles to complete your mission. You will need a fully charged internet connected device. The start location in Manhattan will be sent in the booking confirmation email. Check the hourly forecast and prepare for air temperature and weather with bottled water, sunscreen, umbrella, etc. Be prepared to walk 1.5 miles and carry a backpack containing game materials. Some areas involve walking up stairs that are not wheelchair accessible.


Team:             Time Remaining:  Date:

Sunbeam             :44                       8/26/18

Roomescapeart :40                       9/16/18

Diabloafka        :38                       7/22/18

Rock Solid         :36                       9/16/18

Doom Crew         :32                      10/21/18

BBQFilms            :30                       8/18/18

Only Solution   :30                      10/13/18

Roo 2.0               :26                      10/13/18

JeffNcrew         :22                        8/5/18

blancakins        :11                        7/16/18