The Experience

Nine Pin Adventure is a location based puzzle adventure for small teams around Hudson, NY. Using a book and a smartphone app, players embark on a day long historical tour and scavenger hunt rolled into one. Complete bonus challenges for more points. There's no time limit, and it can be played anytime. The price of the manuscript is for the entire team!

Quick Stats

Experience length: 7-10 hours

Area: Hudson, NY and surrounding areas

Team Size: 1-4 players

The Story

Strange things have been occurring in the Catskill mountains. Disoriented hikers gone missing, reports of going back in time and ghostly apparition sightings. It's all connected to a manuscript over 400 years old that has been found near Hudson, NY. 

The real mission of Henry Hudson’s ship, The Half Moon,  will soon be revealed. Your team must contact the spirits of Henry's crew and locate nine magical pins hidden in the area - or be cursed forevermore.

The game builds upon local history and lore to craft a new kind of player driven narrative experience.

About Crux Club

Crux Club is a company that specializes in creating a diversity of unique outdoor puzzle hunts. The goal since its inception in 2018 is to create meaningful interactions that enrich the world around us and engage players in valuable new ways. Moving beyond passive entertainment, players are encouraged to think, feel and act in new ways. Pervasive games give a sense of purpose that could lead to a new level of human understanding through transformative experiences. ​

Crux Club connects the challenge of escape rooms and excitement of scavenger hunts with captivating stories. We are purveyors of intelligent entertainment, social engineers and inventors of trailblazing location based gaming. Simply put, we make the real world more fun.


Our motto is Think outside the room.

Reviews for our Oddfellow's Secret experience:

"Detailed story line - more than just a 'scavenger hunt'"


"We enjoyed looking closely at architectural details as we wound through the neighborhood. Crux Club brought us to interesting landmarks..."

                                                     -Room Escape Artist

"The way the story/puzzles have you interact with real, existing landmarks and buildings is clever and fun."

                                                     -Google review

"I hadn't realized before what a mark these fraternities have had on the city."

                                                     -Google review