North Voyage Adventure is puzzle book adventure story that you can play from anywhere accompanied by an app. There is also an option to play a location based game around Hudson, NY. 

Location based game information:

Experience length: 7-10 hours

Area: Hudson, NY and surrounding areas

Team Size: 1-4 players

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The Experiences

The puzzle book is filled with dozens of dazzling and colorful puzzles. Download the app to check solutions and get hints.

During the optional location based game, you and your team will explore Hudson, NY and surrounding areas. It's a fun historical tour and scavenger hunt rolled into one! There is no time limit, and you can begin whenever you want. The price of the manuscript is for your entire team.

Strange things have been occurring in the Catskill mountains. Disoriented hikers gone missing, reports of going back in time and ghostly apparition sightings amongst the trees. It's all connected to manuscript over 400 years old that has been found near Hudson, NY. 

The real mission of Henry Hudson’s ship, The Half Moon may have been to hide an object for the King of England that has the power to conquer worlds. The nine magical pins of knowledge will point the way to finding it. Your team must contact the spirits of Henry's crew and locate the pins - or be cursed forevermore.

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