Reconstruct the memories of a beat poet's spirit and find his lost love as you embark on an augmented reality puzzle hunt through the streets of historical New York City.

Location: Greenwich Village, NYC

Team Size: 1-3 players

Experience length: 2 hours, start anytime


Coming Spring 2020

Solve clues hidden in a 400 year old manuscript to find 9 magical pins during this epic hunt.

Location: Hudson, NY and surrounding areas


Team Size: 1-4 players

Experience length: 7-10 hours, start anytime


Coming Spring 2020

Hunt for the hidden hoardings of a notorious gangster by solving puzzles from the journal of a treasure hunter.

A puzzle book you can play anywhere, anytime.


Coming Spring 2020

An walking tour of gangster era East Village with augmented reality challenges and riddles to solve.

Location: East Village, NYC


Team Size: 1-2 players

Experience length: 2-3 hours, start anytime

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