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Let me tell you a sordid tale of a cursed soul, thievery, and death. But also one of delicious beer, all in the same breath. . .


I am Katryn Vassler, brewmaster of an ill-fated prohibition brewery called the Black Cloaked Goat. 


The death I speak of is mine. When my brewery was raided in 1925, I was crushed by a stack of beer barrels. I would rather die than let my beer be dumped by some buttons!


The thievery I refer to is how the ingredients were acquired. The illicit libations served here were produced using delicious loot delivered by Syracuse's finest bandits and smugglers. 


Finally, the cursed soul in this tale is YOU. For I will haunt you until you complete the task that my spirit hands cannot: brewing the greatest beer ever stolen!


Through objects new and old and facts sought and told, you must solve the puzzles that will lead you to rediscover the finest ingredients. Then, you will choose which are needed for the perfect brew—and give it a name.


I cannot rest until you complete my divine recipe and free me from the place of my demise. Fail me, and you will suffer a fate worse than an eternal prohibition! 


Enter the solution below when the first puzzle is presented. Have a pencil and notepad ready.

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