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Book I - Crux Club Ancient History, BC

Book II - The Sanctus Custos Misunderstanding

Book III - Crux Club Ancient History, AD

Book IV - Crux Club Recent History

Book VI - Crux Club Future

[Subsequent Chapters to be published in time]

Book I - Crux Club Ancient History, BC


Temple of the Stars Genesis

         It was amongst the Sumerians during the Uruk period in the year 3612BC. A group of the most intelligent people created The Temple of the Stars to observe the heavens and the mysteries that all creation sprang forth from. This group eventually became the Crux Club. The Temple was an actual building that was used to observe the stars in a way that brought great power and inspiration to the civilization. This circular building can be seen today within the Crux Club logo.


         Inspiration to construct mighty cities was gathered through the Temples observations. Sumer was known as “the Land of the Lords of Brightness” because of this insight from the heavens. Writing was developed to preserve knowledge and agricultural techniques were cleverly devised to sustain the population.


         When the Akkadian Empire fell to the Gutians, the Temple of the Stars regrouped in secret for fear that the Kings of the land would wipe them out because they did not accept the false proposition that the King was filled with divinity from a deity. The pressure became too much. In 2053BC, A handful of Temple members stayed in the region while the other 97 members began what is referred to as The Celestial March.


         Members of the Celestial March came to rest upon the Southern shore of the Black Sea where Samsun, Turkey is now located. After 23 years of contemplation and meditation, it was decided that the Temple members would split up after two paths were equally revealed by the stars in a ritual.



The West Faction

         The West Faction traversed the lands of what is now Europe performing rituals to the Stars for insight. When they came to the English channel, they were given a sign from the heavens that their long journey was about to come to an end. In a leap of faith, they crossed the channel in boats they crafted, ready to meet their fate. Instead, they came across land. They continued inland across the moors until they reached the “Center Land.” To their astonishment, there was already a bustling located there. Temple elders quickly caught wind of a nearby site used for gathering intelligence from the heavens.


         A group of like-minded people, known as the Bekars, had constructed an observatory of the cosmos and it's harmonic frequencies that appeared as an enormous circular trench with posts marking the solstices and other yearly events. The Bekars joined the Temple to form a stronger movement of The Temple of the Stars.


         In the year 1999BC, the minds of all the members of the Temple filled with a vision of drums and a strange power. In unison they gained knowledge from this event. They began a new phase of development for the observatory in the Center Land as documented in the Avalonian Mysteries.

The East Faction

         When the East and West Factions split up in 2021BC, the East Faction set out upon a two decade long journey to where Tibet is now located. During this journey, the Temple developed the Harmonic Sphere Resonance. This was a complex understanding of the planetary movements as connected to all vibrations within all matter. Sound and the creation of music and pulses were paramount in tapping into this force. They found the vibrational forces of drums and instruments ward off negative forces and contain healing properties.


         In the mountains of Tibet they found an energy vortex. It wasn't long that the Temple craftsmen constructed large drums that created loud, deep sounds. They found that when they arrange the drummers in semi-circular patterns that an energy point is generated some distance away. Objects in this energy point repel the force of gravity and can be moved and manipulated through the duration of a special drum beat.


         This technique was used to build dwellings out of large stone blocks for the temple members. While doing so, something else became apparent during their nightly drum rituals. The temple elders felt they had a connection to the West Faction. Since a new form of communication with the cosmos was discovered using the drums, they thought they could attempt to contact the rest of the Temple of the Stars through a new ritual.


         One night in 1999BC, all the drummers were gathered for an intense session that lasted hours. During which the elders meditated near the energy point, sending thoughts out to the West Faction. 
The East Faction tapped into the creativity of the Morphic Field and “taught” the memory of acoustic levitation to the West Faction telepathically.


         The next 800 years were filled with perfecting the techniques of acoustic levitation. Today, the drums in the Tibetan "Zhuo Dance" are believed to be an instrument for dancers to communicate with the gods and disperse ghosts. This sprang from the ancient Temple of the Stars practice.


         Tibetan monasteries sprung up in the first millennia BC using the building techniques of acoustic levitation. Religious monasteries were places for the Temple of the Stars to continue research in. Secret chambers exist in certain monasteries to this day contain descendants of the original Temple population still living there under the guise of Buddhist monks.

The Power of Stonehenge

         Through the Morphic Field, the West Faction received the knowledge necessary to cheat gravity by finding a celestial harmony using musical vibrations. After meditation they began a journey to find the sacred stones necessary to enhance the energy vortex at what is now Stonehenge. This journey took them to the Preseli Hills in West Wales, where they used acoustic levitation to dislodge and maneuver the Bluestones back to the Center Land.


         The Bluestones contained a special vibrational property, and when arranged in a circle they were able to grant healing powers to those within it. In 1891BC, they were rearranged into the horseshoe shape after new formulas for greater power focusing was discovered. After the rearrangement, huge Sarson stones were moved to the site using the updated acoustic levitation techniques. It was completed in 1498BC.


         The Temple of the Stars used this place to study and harness the powers of the cosmos at different times of the year, because energy shifts day by day. Another side effect was the heightened level of consciousness achieved by those participating in these studies.


         The pressure from encroaching ruling powers left the structure in the hands of Bekar priests as cover, while the Temple of the Stars remained hidden. With the onset of Roman conquests by Julius Caesar in 55BC, the Temple fled Westward to Glastonbury. Some members stayed behind to mix and mingle with the Celtic culture permeating the area.


         In Glastonbury a large area was mapped out to mimic the stars. Energy points were determined and meditational studies continued here in secret ever since. A telepathic eminence radiated from the Temple of the Stars members here. Subconsciously, people around the world had an awakening within their spirits. This manifested as an urge within to seek out the mysteries of life and use knowledge to heal and propel society to new awakenings.

Crossing the Ocean

         The Temple of the Stars had grown to number in the thousands, including several towns and cities in western England. Groups of members were dispatched to seek out the energy vortices foreseen using Stonehenge and the experiments in Glastonbury. It became clear that there was an energy point of great importance far away from where the Center Land, where Temple had settled for the first millennia AD.


         These groups moved to other European countries and infiltrated the ranks of exploration crews, quickly building upon sea navigation techniques. One group became involved with the maritime powers in Spain, and in 1526 set out to South America to find more Earthly energy vortices. As the continent was explored over the next decade, the group learned of indigenous peoples that exhibited knowledge acquired through the Morphic Field from the Temple of the Stars. They learned the languages of the natives while feigning loyalty to the Spanish Conquistadors.


         The group worked closely with Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala to document the dying culture of the Inca's people in Peru. Their study of the calendar, their stonework and music practice showed they had extensive knowledge of acoustic levitation techniques. They had indeed been attuned to receiving the telepathic radiance of the Temple from the other side of the world. It was considered then if that radiance flowed the other way around from Peru to Glastonbury, but we now know that awakenings happen at the exact same moment.


         The Temple formed a close bond with some Quechua groups that survived the invasion. The Temple members found those well versed in the energy vortex knowledge, and together they went out to find the vortices of Peru. A vortex was found, known as the Crux Temple, based on the buildings relation to the Crux constellation. The stars of this constellation, the Southern Cross, can be seen in the Crux Club logo. A stone henge was built at this vortex. Nearby, houses held the instruments of the Temple. The practices flourished here since.


         The World developed, and as Temple kept in contact with each other in Peru, England, Tibet and Iraq, it became apparent of a new Vortex in North America. An expedition group from Peru was dispatched in 1901 to explore the North American continent.

[Book II to be revealed at a later date]

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